Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New calls

The Dutch government has issued a number of new SBIR calls at their website (in Dutch):

  1. Active elderly in the Netherlands
    Call for the development for innovative products and/or services for application in Dutch hospitals. This involves products and/or services that allows elderly patients to safely be active during hospitalisation. This call closes may 10 2016.
  2. Flexible utilisation of sustainable gasses
    Call for the development of solutions for efficient, flexible and safe utilisation of sustainable gasses. This call aims for the development of equipment and arrangements to make the Dutch natural gas system better equiped to handle a wider variety of gas compositions. Areas of concern are optimal operation, local integration, safety and emission reduction. Furthermore solutions should aim to reduce cost for example by prolonging lifetime, increasing efficiency or reducing material consumption. This call closes june 1 2016.
  3. Linking data
    Call for suitable solutions for linking data and combining information (data mining). If municipalities can make better use of the abundance of available data, they can increase safety, make more effective policies and improve the use of their enforcement capacity. This call closes april 22 2016.
  4. Noise reduction along provincial roads
    This call invites compabies to come up with innovative solutions for reducing noise pollution along provincial roads. This call closes april 28 2016.
  5. Satelite services for urban development in Deltas
    Call for companies to jointly develop innovative solutions for new integrated and operational services based on satelite data. These services should contribute to the solution of problems concerning urban development in deltas. The NSO launches this call to promote the use of available satelite data by governments and society. An example is the use of data from Sentinel satelites by the European Copernicus program. This call specifically asks for development of integrated services that contribute to:
    - mapping cities (3D) and present infrastructure, temperature and air quality;
    - mapping and demonstrating risks as a result of:
      - flooding,
      - poor air quality,
      - failure and damage to pipelines in urban areas.
    This call closes june 2 2016.

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